Woman is a wonderful creation of god. Woman transforms physically, emotionally and socially throughout her life. A woman takes different roles in her life, as a daughter, sister, niece, friend, lover, wife, mother, aunt, grany etc. She can fit in all the roles perfectly. Being a woman I never recognize the beauty of womanhood. Gradually, I got to know the greatness and enjoy the essence of womanhood through some inspiring ladies around me.

I never plan anything in my life. Just keep on moving in the way it takes me; as it gives thrilling experiences. What I believe is when we look back we should never regret for our past acts, but be content.

This post is not a planned one (as usual). Wanna share the experience of my three trimesters. It really makes a woman happy to see her pregnancy test turns positive. She starts assumes how the child will be, and who (is it male or female). Takes good diet to nurture the little one in all the ways she could. Takes protective steps to be in a safer place. Undergoes painful checkups, tests, injections for the sake of the little one. In the second trimester, the movement and pushes gives her a great experience. Want to share with everyone, that her little one has grown big to kick. She enjoys the kicking and pushing of the little one. In the last trimester, she will be waiting for the pains. No one in the world never ever wait for the pains, instead avoid it. But only a woman will be eagerly waiting for the pains (which is equal to 20 bones fracture) to give birth to her little one. That’s the beauty of motherhood.

These nine months journey is a memorable experience in my life. I really enjoyed this journey and it is going to a destination tomorrow. Yes, my due date…Entering into a new post Mother and going to experience Motherhood!