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The busy city square

It’s the last few days of the holy month Ramadan. People thronged in the main square of Charminar, busy in purchasing a to z items for households.  It was awesome to see the crowds break the fast on the roads by sharing fruits with each other. On every lane of Madina(a commercial area in Charminar) people distribute water packs, dates to all the rozagaris(people who fast).


The ultimate dish for Iftar is ‘HALEEM’!! People thronged at Haleem centers to fulfill their appetite. It gives instant energy to the Rozagaris!

It’s a feast for the photographers to catch diverse pictures in the lanes of Madina…I tried to capture some pics in the dim light of dusk with my 5MP phone camera 🙂

DSC_4150 DSC_4154 DSC_4149 DSC_4143

DSC_4139 DSC_4151

You can see 99% of the clothes are glittery, shimmery, stone work on velvet, zardosi work sarees and suits; it is trademark of the festive after all.


Bajjiya shop wala, doing brisk business during Iftar.

DSC_4179 DSC_4178

The shops will be kept open whole night, as people come out for shopping after the fast and Tarveeh!

Altogether, it’s a new experience for me!!



Ramadan month is all about Rozas, prayers and Iftars. People fast from dawn to dusk. In the evenings, people prepare varieties of food to break the fast, it is traditionally called Iftar. However, people misuse this; show off their wealth throwing Iftar parties with lots of food items.  Some people feel proud to disclose the list of items prepared for Iftar and those who prepare limited dishes are tagged as misers, I wonder, why people are crazy about it!


Major percent of people in Africa are using just water and salt to break the fast. But we, the educated and well groomed people just wasting the food in the name of Iftar. Let us come down and distribute the left over food to the needy.

Appeal to everyone, not to waste the food  in this holy month!