October is a festival season for Hindus. The year’s biggest festival Durgastami and Dussehra falls in this month. It’s a ten day festival. Starts from the next day of ‘Mahalaya Amavasya’ i.e., ‘Ashwayuja masa’ according to Hindu calender. 

Telugu people celebrate ‘Bathukamma’ in this ten day festival. Bathukamma is a goddess. People collect variety of flowers, and make it into a cone shaped figure by putting layer by layer each kind of flowers. Making Bathukamma is not every one’s cup of tea. The experienced, grey haired women do it perfect way. Making Bathukamma, is a prestige issue – they compare the size, diameter, variety of flowers put in, the finishing etc. In some areas, best Bathukamma’s, will be given prizes. So, ladies, don’t give any change to let their Bathukamma score less points in the competitions. 

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The next part is, after the sunset, all the ladies gather around Bathukamma; they stand in a circular position shoulder to shoulder in contact. Then they’ll bend and clap doing circle around Bathukamma by singing songs…It’s a feast for eyes. Ladies ripple waves in the hearts of people with their silk and Kanjeevaram sarees, gold jewelry and perfumed flowers decorating their hair. 

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However, boys are not allowed to join the circle, Bathukamma is only for LADIES* They admire from distance.

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The last part – ladies singing and rounding around Bathukamma till they exhaust all their energies. Before late night, all the ladies take their respective Bathukammas to a near by water body like, lake or pond, then leave in the water stream. It’s a send off for Bathukamma. 

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This is how the ladies festival, Bathukamma is celebrated. The eateries prepared are only vegetarian! Like, Tangy rice, Laddus, curd rice, jaggery with rice flakes and the seasonal fruit custard apples.

Schools and colleges will be closed these 10 days, as a part of first term holidays. Everyone, will be happy and enjoy their time with family and friends.