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First day of my fast

This is the first day I’m keeping fast in the month of Ramadan, though a week later. I’m confident that I could able to withstand till late evening. For working people, it is not much difficult to keep on fast. People forget their appetite once they totally immerse in their work.


Fasting is a good practice, doctors suggest to fast at least once in a week. These positive words makes us to keep the fast with more interest (unless those who are health conscious like me). Coming to the main part of Ramadan is prayers! It’s a custom of Islam to offer Namaaz 5 times a day. However, for working pupils it is not feasible to offer all the prayers. In some work places, the management will provide some space for it; but we can’t expect in every work place the same arrangement right!

P.S. This post is just straight forward, no message, no sarcasm, no humour, but it’s one of the mile stone in my life time.


This is my first post in word press.

Just typing the text without any precise idea…

People inspire me in all walks of the life through their writings.

Reading and writing preoccupies most of my time. Writing is the best part of my life.  I write when I’m happy and write when I’m in bad mood. I vent out my anger through writing, not a good writer though.

I have a blog with the name ‘Milestones’ in, to reach out more people signed up with word press with the same name 🙂

Try to post at least a post once or twice in a month…