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Hi, am Anumeha.

I was surprised… I had just moved to the US from India and was talking to a parent at my son’s new preschool…. Seeing the question mark on my face, the beautiful Cuban lady with solitaires in her ears explained, “My mother had to work to support all of us… Am lucky that my husband earns enough and I can be a stay at home mom ….”

This was the first time in a really long time that I heard someone genuinely happy being a stay at home mom… She was doing it by her own choice and relishing it…!

Back in India I had usually met SAHM’s who were not being allowed to work by husbands / in laws or were at home for their young children’s sake….. In fact I even met a 50+ professor at a reputed school in Mumbai (India) who said that she regrets being…

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Once upon a time in India, Lagaan released.

The film was a smash hit, was sent as our choice for the Oscars (but couldn’t win, as the jury grew old and died during the interval) and Aamir Khan suddenly became the thinking man’s conscience.

The guy who would never attend film awards because he didn’t believe in them, suddenly seemed to be jumping up and down the red carpet, promoting his film. But of course, he was doing it for the nation.

When Lagaan lost out to No Man’s Land, Aamir Khan told the press that the other film deserved to win. When I saw it, said Khan, I knew that it was better than ours.

From that moment on, Aamir Khan has somehow projected and marketed himself as the voice of the nation/youth/continent/solar system. And it’s fucking annoying.


Alright, so he chooses to do one movie at a time, reads his…

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India celebrating 66th Republic day with the NAMO government. A lot of newbies added to the grand Rajpath show.

The chief guest was the US President, Barack Obama. This is the first time ever in the Indian history where the US President invited as a guest of honour on Republic Day.

What we achieved in these 65 years of independent, Republic India?

We advanced in population, politics, technology, education, economy, urbanisation, entrepreneurship, foreign investment, transportation, telecommunication, medication, industrialisation, the list goes on. Among all IT industry has mushroomed over a decade making all the major cities a IT hub. That’s a good sign of our economy.People of India are becoming educated, the literacy rate has jumped from 18.33% to 74.04% in these 65 years, however, we could still see the gap between male and female literacy rate.


India is the biggest manpower nation; investing more in employees than in entrepreneurs. Rupee rate decreasing gradually, as we’re used to and rely on foreign products in every core of our daily life. We have lot of companies, even though people fly overseas not just for good pay, but for a better living. Political blame game, scams, road/train mishaps, rapes, kidnaps, burglary, suicide are the routine news in our daily news papers. But our attitude is hardly today’s newspaper, tomorrows waste paper!

People of India are genius, patriotic, humble as well. We need these characters to be come in the rows of implementation. One day we could see our rupee jumping high over dolllar. Hope that day comes…

I booked train ticket for my hubby’s bro and his wife. It was the first time I booked the tickets online. The status of the tickets was RLWL. I didn’t concentrate on the status, but was happy that at last I got to know how to book train tickets. On the day of journey they were shocked to listen from the TC that the tickets were under waiting list. MY FOOT! What a blunder mistake I did being a literate! It was so embarrassing…They managed the TC (through bribe) to reach the destination.


Never ever experiment on others lives with your half knowledge. Better try it on yourself (I did many times) so that you can’t regret.


Woman is a wonderful creation of god. Woman transforms physically, emotionally and socially throughout her life. A woman takes different roles in her life, as a daughter, sister, niece, friend, lover, wife, mother, aunt, grany etc. She can fit in all the roles perfectly. Being a woman I never recognize the beauty of womanhood. Gradually, I got to know the greatness and enjoy the essence of womanhood through some inspiring ladies around me.

I never plan anything in my life. Just keep on moving in the way it takes me; as it gives thrilling experiences. What I believe is when we look back we should never regret for our past acts, but be content.

This post is not a planned one (as usual). Wanna share the experience of my three trimesters. It really makes a woman happy to see her pregnancy test turns positive. She starts assumes how the child will be, and who (is it male or female). Takes good diet to nurture the little one in all the ways she could. Takes protective steps to be in a safer place. Undergoes painful checkups, tests, injections for the sake of the little one. In the second trimester, the movement and pushes gives her a great experience. Want to share with everyone, that her little one has grown big to kick. She enjoys the kicking and pushing of the little one. In the last trimester, she will be waiting for the pains. No one in the world never ever wait for the pains, instead avoid it. But only a woman will be eagerly waiting for the pains (which is equal to 20 bones fracture) to give birth to her little one. That’s the beauty of motherhood.

These nine months journey is a memorable experience in my life. I really enjoyed this journey and it is going to a destination tomorrow. Yes, my due date…Entering into a new post Mother and going to experience Motherhood!

Angry = poison

Angry makes the person poisoned. It injects the venom into our nerves . Our mind goes blank, throat starts hurting, breathing rate increases; we want to vent out anger on the person who is the root cause of it. Anger makes our day worst. A human being eating salt and pepper can’t control his/her anger. It over rules us in all the ways it can.

Sadguru says angry is poison. I saw his video on anger management. It’s all simple and viable when we listen. But, is it practical to follow? Managing/controlling anger is the damn hardest things in the world. Only saints can do that.

I am angry for a strong reason right now. Yelled out at the person who made me fall prey to it. Even though I am swinging in the same mood (like Narsimhaswamy after killing Hiranyakashyap). Closing my eyes to cool down, no use.

I thought venting out my anger in writing a post at word press is the way to calm down my nerves. Feeling little better in this manner. True! when I feel damn anger, channelize it to writing something. Words come out of your brain like a lava from Volcano. You can write a book in no time while in anger. Everyone should try this tip in anger.


Being Human

There are so many reasons to commit suicide. Like, exam failure, bankruptcy, marriage related issues, love failures, divorce, loneliness, depression etc. People who commit suicide never think the other side of their problem.


The recent case is the Tollywood’s yesteryear fame Uday Kiran. He committed suicide late on Sunday. Media discloses the reasons of his suicide as financial crisis, no film offers from past 2 or 3 years. No success in the movies he acted. He was one of my favorite heroes in my college days. Majority of his fans were girls at that time. He made smash hits in Telugu industry. The actor has no filmi background, came to the industry with hard work and will power. Now I ask, where that will power has gone? If there are no film offers, no life aah…! There could be hundred and one reasons to quit the life, at the same time there are one thousand reasons to survive and fight back in this world.

Every day we see suicide cases in news, sympathy is the only response from us. What can we do to avoid this in the world? How can we change the mindset of the depressed people in the world? Is there a way out to stop this crime?

Some volunteers have come up with an innovative solution – ‘Roshini’. It’s an organisation which counsels the people who are depressed and want to commit suicide. The counselling will be totally free of cost. The depressed person can express their problems through face – face meeting or a phone call or email. Contact details: 040-66202000, 040-27848584. email: Address: Roshini 1-8-303/48/21, Kalvathy Nivas, Sindhi Colony, Secunderabad – 500 003

I had come to know about ‘Roshini’ organisation at ‘Seva Mela‘. There are few other organisations working towards the same cause (can’t remember their names).

Life is full of thorns but there are roses either. Treat your problems as challenges, crack it with all the courage and strength. Never fall down as long as your heart beats. Human life is so precious, he is superior than any other creature on the earth. Let all the people feel proud of themselves for being human!


October is a festival season for Hindus. The year’s biggest festival Durgastami and Dussehra falls in this month. It’s a ten day festival. Starts from the next day of ‘Mahalaya Amavasya’ i.e., ‘Ashwayuja masa’ according to Hindu calender. 

Telugu people celebrate ‘Bathukamma’ in this ten day festival. Bathukamma is a goddess. People collect variety of flowers, and make it into a cone shaped figure by putting layer by layer each kind of flowers. Making Bathukamma is not every one’s cup of tea. The experienced, grey haired women do it perfect way. Making Bathukamma, is a prestige issue – they compare the size, diameter, variety of flowers put in, the finishing etc. In some areas, best Bathukamma’s, will be given prizes. So, ladies, don’t give any change to let their Bathukamma score less points in the competitions. 

DSC_1809 DSC_1807

The next part is, after the sunset, all the ladies gather around Bathukamma; they stand in a circular position shoulder to shoulder in contact. Then they’ll bend and clap doing circle around Bathukamma by singing songs…It’s a feast for eyes. Ladies ripple waves in the hearts of people with their silk and Kanjeevaram sarees, gold jewelry and perfumed flowers decorating their hair. 

DSC_1853 DSC_1851

However, boys are not allowed to join the circle, Bathukamma is only for LADIES* They admire from distance.

DSC_1848 DSC_1840


The last part – ladies singing and rounding around Bathukamma till they exhaust all their energies. Before late night, all the ladies take their respective Bathukammas to a near by water body like, lake or pond, then leave in the water stream. It’s a send off for Bathukamma. 

DSC_1836 DSC_1868

This is how the ladies festival, Bathukamma is celebrated. The eateries prepared are only vegetarian! Like, Tangy rice, Laddus, curd rice, jaggery with rice flakes and the seasonal fruit custard apples.

Schools and colleges will be closed these 10 days, as a part of first term holidays. Everyone, will be happy and enjoy their time with family and friends.

The busy city square

It’s the last few days of the holy month Ramadan. People thronged in the main square of Charminar, busy in purchasing a to z items for households.  It was awesome to see the crowds break the fast on the roads by sharing fruits with each other. On every lane of Madina(a commercial area in Charminar) people distribute water packs, dates to all the rozagaris(people who fast).


The ultimate dish for Iftar is ‘HALEEM’!! People thronged at Haleem centers to fulfill their appetite. It gives instant energy to the Rozagaris!

It’s a feast for the photographers to catch diverse pictures in the lanes of Madina…I tried to capture some pics in the dim light of dusk with my 5MP phone camera 🙂

DSC_4150 DSC_4154 DSC_4149 DSC_4143

DSC_4139 DSC_4151

You can see 99% of the clothes are glittery, shimmery, stone work on velvet, zardosi work sarees and suits; it is trademark of the festive after all.


Bajjiya shop wala, doing brisk business during Iftar.

DSC_4179 DSC_4178

The shops will be kept open whole night, as people come out for shopping after the fast and Tarveeh!

Altogether, it’s a new experience for me!!


Ramadan month is all about Rozas, prayers and Iftars. People fast from dawn to dusk. In the evenings, people prepare varieties of food to break the fast, it is traditionally called Iftar. However, people misuse this; show off their wealth throwing Iftar parties with lots of food items.  Some people feel proud to disclose the list of items prepared for Iftar and those who prepare limited dishes are tagged as misers, I wonder, why people are crazy about it!


Major percent of people in Africa are using just water and salt to break the fast. But we, the educated and well groomed people just wasting the food in the name of Iftar. Let us come down and distribute the left over food to the needy.

Appeal to everyone, not to waste the food  in this holy month!