Angry makes the person poisoned. It injects the venom into our nerves . Our mind goes blank, throat starts hurting, breathing rate increases; we want to vent out anger on the person who is the root cause of it. Anger makes our day worst. A human being eating salt and pepper can’t control his/her anger. It over rules us in all the ways it can.

Sadguru says angry is poison. I saw his video on anger management. It’s all simple and viable when we listen. But, is it practical to follow? Managing/controlling anger is the damn hardest things in the world. Only saints can do that.

I am angry for a strong reason right now. Yelled out at the person who made me fall prey to it. Even though I am swinging in the same mood (like Narsimhaswamy after killing Hiranyakashyap). Closing my eyes to cool down, no use.

I thought venting out my anger in writing a post at word press is the way to calm down my nerves. Feeling little better in this manner. True! when I feel damn anger, channelize it to writing something. Words come out of your brain like a lava from Volcano. You can write a book in no time while in anger. Everyone should try this tip in anger.