There are so many reasons to commit suicide. Like, exam failure, bankruptcy, marriage related issues, love failures, divorce, loneliness, depression etc. People who commit suicide never think the other side of their problem.


The recent case is the Tollywood’s yesteryear fame Uday Kiran. He committed suicide late on Sunday. Media discloses the reasons of his suicide as financial crisis, no film offers from past 2 or 3 years. No success in the movies he acted. He was one of my favorite heroes in my college days. Majority of his fans were girls at that time. He made smash hits in Telugu industry. The actor has no filmi background, came to the industry with hard work and will power. Now I ask, where that will power has gone? If there are no film offers, no life aah…! There could be hundred and one reasons to quit the life, at the same time there are one thousand reasons to survive and fight back in this world.

Every day we see suicide cases in news, sympathy is the only response from us. What can we do to avoid this in the world? How can we change the mindset of the depressed people in the world? Is there a way out to stop this crime?

Some volunteers have come up with an innovative solution – ‘Roshini’. It’s an organisation which counsels the people who are depressed and want to commit suicide. The counselling will be totally free of cost. The depressed person can express their problems through face – face meeting or a phone call or email. Contact details: 040-66202000, 040-27848584. email: Address: Roshini 1-8-303/48/21, Kalvathy Nivas, Sindhi Colony, Secunderabad – 500 003

I had come to know about ‘Roshini’ organisation at ‘Seva Mela‘. There are few other organisations working towards the same cause (can’t remember their names).

Life is full of thorns but there are roses either. Treat your problems as challenges, crack it with all the courage and strength. Never fall down as long as your heart beats. Human life is so precious, he is superior than any other creature on the earth. Let all the people feel proud of themselves for being human!